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Back On Her Feet

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Back On Her Feet


Amber was helping her friend pump gas at Costco. She was standing behind her friend's car pulling the hose over. Then a car moved from the line and floored it and crashed into their car,  pinning Amber in between. The collision was so hard that they even hit the car in front. To make things worse, the 92 year old panicked and instead of hitting the brakes he just kept flooring it and burning rubber as Amber held onto the hose to try to keep her upper body safe. A quick thinking witness puledl the old guy out to then put the car in park. Then her other friend moved the car up to let Amber be carried to the ground. Two people pulled her out from the cars and could see her twisted legs. She had jeans on so no one knew how bad it was. Fortunately there was no blood. Amber told her friend to call me, told her her phone password so calmly and took off her rings as her hands started to swell. Ryan and I happened to be 5 minutes away. We got there before the ambulance. I held her hand as she screamed and got into the ambulance. It was horrible to see her in such excruciating pain. Once in trauma, she got a cocktail of pain meds, a breathing tube and tons of things connected to her. She was scanned and X-rayed and 'luckily she only' had 2 broken femurs. Amaingly, she came to slightly and started writting words and her friends names on my hand. She wanted to make sure they were okay. 

The next day she had surgery with titanium rods put in the entire length of her thigh bone. This will make her bones strong and she will heal and walk again with lots of rehab. She had to get a blood transfusion and she has had fevers and tons of pain. Once she was stable she started doing therapy twice a day. She was transferred to the state of the art Lynn Rehab at Jackson and now does 3 hours of PT and OT each day.

Amber is out of the woods and now the hard work is starting! She is training so hard at rehab.and is often in pain and misses her friends and senior moments but she is pushing herself each day getting better. It will take at least 8 months to a year until she is fully back on her feet and unfortunately insurance doesn't cover all the expenses. The lawyers are investigating if the old guy was current on his car insurance!! We really don't know how much the extra bills will be but each day it is adding up. I'm a single mom and have been with her 24/7 since she was innocently hit on Friday the 13th. I have an amazing team who is keeping my tailoring business going but this has been financially hard and especially emotionally hard. If you are able to give anything, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all of your donations, food, thoughts, prayers and most of all, love!.


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Back On Her Feet

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    Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society

    Active since 1983. Founderd the Kirinari Aboriginal Student Hostels, The Aboriginal Children's Advancement Society supports Aboriginal children and youth in the areas of Education and Progress towards a worthwhile and productive future ensuring the fulfilment of ambition, talent and initiative. Visit for more information

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